What’s Next For Mars Discovery: A Virtual Land On Mars

What’s Next For Mars Discovery: A Virtual Land On Mars

Mars is actually a earth which has been in the news a great deal recently. Elon Musk has released his intend to send individuals to Mars, and NASA is considering sending another rover there in 2020. With this blog post, we are going to explore what is up coming for room investigation: virtually buy an acre on mars!

The Truth!

Even though room is an extremely exciting subject matter, it is very easy to neglect that you have men and women actually residing and working in place right now. Actually, the Global Place Station (ISS) has been continuously occupied for over 18 years!

The ISS is all about twice given that a baseball discipline and weighs about around 450 tons. To set that into viewpoint, when you endured on a single foot with your forearms outstretched while positioning an apple company in each palm, among those apples would think about almost precisely what the complete ISS does!

That being said, it is not necessarily astonishing considering simply how much things astronauts need to take up there using them: food supplies for six months time at any given time along with lots of gym equipment to enable them to stay fit, just to mention a few things.

The Desire!

So what’s after that for room investigation? Internet terrain on Mars! The theory is individuals are able to check out Mars in VR and explore its area and never have to depart Earth.

This can be really ideal for education astronauts, since they could read about the ground and how to navigate it before they ever establish feet on the planet itself. It could also be utilized for scientific investigation, as scientists could study Martian rocks and soil and never have to travel there on their own.

And lastly, it could also be a vacationer vacation spot! Individuals could go to different parts of Mars in VR and encounter what it is want to stand on the Reddish colored Planet.

However it’s an aspiration, for the time being, you can gift idea all your family members a sheet of Mars. All you should do is buy an acre on Mars from Pieceofmars.com and transform the ideal into fact!


Although we haven’t gone to Mars ourself, Pieceofmars.com provides you with the chance to acquire an acre on Mars! So what are you presently waiting for? Check out PieceofMars.com nowadays! And you never know, perhaps one day it will be easy to go to Mars in VR being a visitor location!