How to Control Your Home with Alexa: Bulb Edition

How to Control Your Home with Alexa: Bulb Edition

If you’re just like me, you almost certainly can’t hold out to get hold of some Alexa bulbs. These advanced devices guarantee to improve the way you light-weight our homes and places of work forever. But exactly what are Alexa bulbs, and what can they actually do? In this article, we shall investigate the functions of those amazing units and show you how to established them up. Let’s begin!

Alexa Bulbs: A Short Idea

smart bulbs are Leds that can be operated with speech instructions. You can use them to transform on/off of your light-weight, change the lighting, set up a plan, and more. They work together with Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot devices, together with other intelligent residence goods like the Home thermostat.

Begin with Alexa:

To begin, you’ll must buy an Alexa light and attach it right into a regular light plug. As soon as it’s plugged in, you are able to hook it up to your property Wi-Fi system and commence making use of it right away.

To manipulate your Alexa bulbs, just say “Alexa, activate the lighting” or “Alexa, established the sunshine to fifty percent.” You may also make custom speech directions for your lights. As an example, you might say “Alexa, I’m gonna your bed” to turn off each of the lighting fixtures in your home.

You can also manage your Alexa bulbs using the Echo and Echo Dot software. The programs allow you to set up agendas, management multiple devices simultaneously, and even make lights displays. By way of example, you can develop a “soothing” picture that dims the lights and performs gentle tunes.


If you’re seeking a approach to include convenience and design to your house, Alexa bulbs are a fantastic solution. They’re effortless to setup and utilize, and they offer you a variety of capabilities.


We think Alexa bulbs are the future of lighting effects, and we can’t hold out to view how many other remarkable issues Amazon originates out with.