3 Key Features of Textgram You Can Use for Photo Editing

3 Key Features of Textgram You Can Use for Photo Editing

A fully fleshed-out photo editing and creation application are hard to come by. Most photo editing applications are usually lackluster or come with a hefty price tag which is something not everyone can afford or would want to have.

Sending the same photo without any edits or modifications can get pretty boring as it can easily get repetitive pretty fast and without a good photo editing application, you wouldn’t be able to spice it up. However, it doesn’t have to be like since you can get textgram app for PC.

Textgram is an app that allows you to edit your photos on top of adding extra things to make them more eye-catching and less boring. The application allows you to create beautiful photos that you can share on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The application itself comes with several key features you can use to your convenience. Examples of these are:

• A Wide Array of Emoticons
In the Digital Age, emoticons and emojis are just about the best thing you can use to express what you are feeling. The Textgram app comes equipped with a myriad of emoticons you can use and add to your picture without much hassle.

• Text Effects
Most pictures nowadays are never complete without a caption or two to accompany them. Most people would usually write the caption on the image’s description but adding it to the picture itself not only can amplify the picture’s quality but will also make it easier to understand what the photo is about.

• Easy Layering of Pictures
Another feature Textgram has is how easy it is to layer different pictures together on top of each other. Layering pictures allows you to send multiple pictures in one big photo which is something only possible with applications like these. You can use this feature by layering several pictures to make a story of some kind which will add a big wow factor to your account post.